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Raintree POA Issues

Special Election Results December 2015

Ballot Item #1 YES NO
Section 1-19 Voters 154 442
Section 20-25 Voters 186 60
Both Section Voters 6 9
Total 346 511
Ballot Item #2 YES NO
Section 1-19 Voters 143 450
Section 20-25 Voters 194 50
Both Section Voters 6 9
Total 343 509



Response to POA's False Statements Posted on Gate Board and Website: http://cdn.cybergolf.com/images/1529/Response-to-POA-Statement.pdf


The following information is provided by Home and Property Owners for a United Raintree.

The Raintree Community has been divided by an inequity that has been created by various actions over the existence of Raintree.  This inequity has been the cause of multiple law suits, both personal and using of our own property owner’s assessments, resulting in costly litigation and no solution to the problem.

We, the signers of the petition calling for this election, feel that the approval of the proposed ballot items will allow the community to move forward united in the equal support of all of our amenities, including the Country Club and Golf Course.


  • All of the amenities (lake, golf course, restaurant, pool, beach, campground, etc.) of Raintree help to maintain our property values and make this a special place to live.
  • Complete information including - sample ballots, real estate values, Country Club financials - is available for viewing and in addition, question and answer sessions are being conducted at the Country Club daily.
  • Without these ballot items passing the Country Club will not be able to continue operating.This will affect the value of all of our properties.

  • Remind your friends and neighbors to get out and vote.

  • Please be skeptical of information provided by people or groups opposing our solution.Learn the facts by reviewing the ballots and the other information available.




The Benefits of the Contract (Ballot Item #2):

  • Provides Country Club services to all property owners in good standing with Raintree POA
  • Includes unlimited golf
  • Free access to pool and fitness center
  • 10% discount on all regularly priced products
  • Cost is fixed for term of contract (allows for COLA increase with 2% cap)
  • Guarantees services that the Country Club has to provide
  • Protection for lot owners in Sections 20-25:
    "The payment called out for in this CONTRACT shall be in lieu of any mandatory dues/ assessments RCC is entitled to collect from those lot owners in Sections 20-25 of the Raintree Planation Subdivision.  So long as this Contract is in full force and effect, RCC agrees not collect those mandatory dues/assessments and said mandatory dues/assessments shall not accrue."

Ballot Item #1 http://cdn.cybergolf.com/images/1529/BALLOT-Item-1-9-2-15.pdf

Ballot Item #2 http://cdn.cybergolf.com/images/1529/BALLOT-Item-2-9-2-15.pdf

Realtor Support Letter http://cdn.cybergolf.com/images/1529/Raintree-Realtor-Support-Web.pdf


Home Value Chart http://cdn.cybergolf.com/images/1529/Home-Value-Chart.pdf

Home and Property Owners for a United Raintree Letter http://cdn.cybergolf.com/images/1529/Letter-United-Raintree-Web.pdf

Recorded Judgment 12-16-14