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Raintree Golf Club conducts various tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are open to both members and the public.







Raintree Club Championship, 36 Hole Individual Play 2013

  • Steve Jehle Men's Club Champion and Sabrina Hurtgen Ladies Club Champion

Raintree Shootout May 3, 2014

  • Win:Jason Gillman  Place: Bruce Logsdon Show: Steve Jehle

St. Patrick's Day 3 Person Scramble, March 15, 2014

  • Championship Flight 1st Place: Bill Hurtgen, Sabrina Hurtgen, Kyle Hurtgen

  • A Flight 1st Place: Bruce Logsdon, John Miller, Ruth Ann Allison

Raintree Club Championship, 36 Hole Individual Play 2014

  • Dan Griner Men's Club Champion and Joyce Spoo Ladies Club Champion

Raintree Cup September 20, 2014

Raintree Ryder Cup 2014

  • Maple Team (Captain Joe Arnold) wearing blue

St. Patrick's Day 3 Person Scramble, March 14, 2015

  • Championship Flight: 1st-Logsdon, Miller, Forys  2nd-Hurtgen, Hurtgen, Hurtgen  3rd-H. Wegge, Donahue, Freeman
  • A Flight:  1st-Blackwell, Dow, Lammert  2nd-Bartnick, Bartnick, Schanter  3rd-Thess, Gaudet, Bieser
  • B Flight:  1st-Barnhart, Blecha, Weckback  2nd-Pueschner Team  3rd-W. Klos, R. Hicks, Shinault

Raintree Cup September 19, 2015

Raintree Ryder Cup 2015

  • Oak Team (Captain Cory Blackwell)

St. Patrick's Day 3 Person Scramble, March 12, 2016

  • Championship Flight: 1st-Hurtgen, Hurtgen, Hurtgen   2nd-Tucker, Tucker, Tetrault   3rd-Jehle, Williams, Arnold
  • A Flight:  1st-Miller, Logsdon, Forys   2nd-Lind, Sutton, Woods  3rd-Allison, Wiltz, Braiser
  • B Flight:  1st-Barnhart, Frischman, Weckback  2nd-Umfleet, Osterhagen, Conine  3rd-Pueschner, Mason, Buck

Raintree Ryder Cup 2016

  • Maple Team (Captain Kyle Hurtgen)

St. Patrick's Day 3 Person Scrable, March 18, 2017

  • Championship Flight: 1st-Hurtgen, Hurtgen, Hurtgen  2nd-Partain, Partain, Durluch  3rd-Smith, Tetrault, Currier
  • A Flight:  1st-Frischman, Malon, Weckback  2nd-Wegee, Duepner, Ryan  3rd-Burkart, Douglas, Watson
  • B Flight:  1st-Woods, Weberling, Huskey  2nd-Wegge, Duepner, Smith  3rd-Harms, Harms, Harms
    Detailed results here: https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/2899413247427908680